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I can Supply and install all types of timber and concrete sleepers retaining walls.

Discover the Finest Retaining Walls on the Gold Coast to Safeguard Your Garden and Home’s Integrity.

Timber and concrete sleepers retaining walls installation Gold Coast

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✅ Long-Term Investment

If your Gold Coast residence or outdoor area requires assistance in preventing soil erosion, our Gold Coast retaining wall solutions are tailored for your needs.

Delaying action could lead to more substantial expenses for property repairs after the damage has occurred. Take action now to avoid such situations.


We’ve established robust partnerships with our suppliers. This enables us to secure the finest, high-quality materials at reduced costs—a benefit we extend to you, our valued customer, in the form of affordable prices.

✅ Assurance of Craftsmanship and Warranty


Our Gold Coast retaining wall solutions are engineered for longevity, providing a shield against soil erosion for your property.

Should these solutions fall short of their intended purpose, it signifies a lapse in our commitment. In such cases, we will undertake the responsibility of replacing and repairing your retaining wall to adhere to the specific demands of the Gold Coast’s climate.

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Jason Malcolm

Jason Malcolm

Company Director & Head Tradesman

As a Goldy local, I’ve been around the block a few times.

My team has over 36 years of combined experience and the long list of flawless construction jobs we’ve got under our belt certainly speaks volumes.

We do it the old-fashioned way—through hard yakka.

We don’t rely on big marketing budgets or try to go viral on social media, we simply work hard and do our best to complete each job to absolute perfection. It seems to be working because a huge number of our clients are referrals from happy customers. Give me a call and I’ll show you why my team’s the best on the Gold Coast.


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Questions & Answers

What is the pricing for retaining wall projects?

Pinpointing exact pricing for a retaining wall project can be a bit elusive, given the diverse range of shapes and sizes they come in. The versatility of retaining wall projects, utilizing materials such as sleepers, pine sleepers, stones (like limestone blocks), bricks, and logs, leads to varying quotes.

Anticipate an approximate cost of $300 per meter + GST for the installation of hardwood retaining walls.

The positive news is that if your retaining wall is designed to be under 1m in height, you can skip the need for a development application from the local council, allowing us to proceed promptly.

For a precise and complimentary quote tailored to your retaining wall needs, feel free to reach out to us anytime for a discussion.

When is the ideal time to undertake a retaining wall project?

If your Gold Coast property, whether it's your garden or home, is facing the threat of soil erosion, it's wise to take action promptly.

Delaying the process can lead to increased damages and costs. Our retaining wall projects are adaptable to various budgets, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable solution.

If you have budget constraints, we're more than willing to suggest cost-effective materials that still deliver the desired results for your retaining wall.

Moreover, when it comes to retaining walls on the Gold Coast, there are no limitations based on seasons or time. We're enthusiastic about taking on projects throughout the year. Each project poses unique challenges, allowing us to tap into our creativity and expertise.

Does installing retaining walls enhance the value of your Gold Coast home?

Absolutely. Nobody desires garden beds that are essentially large mounds of soil eroding toward the house. Conversely, an elegantly tiered garden featuring limestone retaining walls could significantly contribute to your property's value.

Over time, a considerable number of our clients, who happen to be locals, have pursued this approach—incorporating retaining walls to elevate their property's sale price.

What is the most budget-friendly choice for retaining wall design and material on the Gold Coast?

Our pine sleepers or timber options for retaining walls present highly affordable alternatives for individuals seeking retaining wall solutions in the Gold Coast region.

Additionally, these choices align with eco-friendliness, making them an excellent option for those interested in environmentally conscious practices.