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You won’t see our name plastered around your local footy ground, or read it in the paper—you’ll hear about us from your neighbour or friend that’s stoked with their brand new concrete driveway. We love concreting and we love doing it well. We believe the quality of our work reflects that.   

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We don’t spend thousands on marketing—you won’t see us while you’re scrolling your newsfeed or watching TV—but you will hear of us from your neighbour, a friend or a colleague. That’s because we’re Goldy locals through and through and we always provide the best concreting jobs to our customers.

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Got a concreting job that needs doing in the Goldy?

Throw out the Yellow Pages (are they still a thing?) and stop your Google search, because Jason’s Concreting team are your guys. We’ve been servicing the Gold Coast and its surrounding suburbs for years now and we’ve done pretty much everything there is to do with concrete under the sun.

Here are the most popular concreting services we provide…

Flawless Concrete Slabs

From garden sheds to water tanks, patios and pathways, we’ve laid perfect flawless slabs for countless happy customers. No matter how big or small, or whatever reason you need it for (outdoor ping pong table arena), we’ll lay it for you and at the best rates on the Gold Coast.

Anything Exposed Aggregate!

Exposed aggregate driveways, patios or walls are well-loved on the Goldy and for good reason. They’re beautiful, versatile, customisable and extremely durable, not to mention slip-resistant and eco-friendly—it's like that over-achieving annoying friend you can’t help but respect. We’ve laid our fair share of exposed aggregate over the years, and we’re always happy to do more!

Laying Concrete Driveways

Ah concrete driveways. The unsung hero of Aussie homes. The hills hoist gets some coverage, but concrete driveways often fly under the radar. Lasting upwards of 50+ years whilst also being among the most affordable and eco-friendly building materials known to man, concrete driveways are a thing of beauty in our eyes. If you want a perfect concrete driveway—we’re your guys.
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We’ve been around the (concrete) block for a while now. Here are some of our customers' most frequent questions.

How long does it take to finish a concreting project on the Gold Coast?

Between 1 and 3 days. This is always subject to change and is just a rule of thumb. Remember factors such as weather and the complexity of a job can impact the time it takes to complete. Sometimes concreting jobs with longer necessary curing times can take up to 5 days, but this isn’t often the case.

How much do concreting jobs cost on the Gold Coast?

Between $40-$120 per square metre. Why the big difference you ask? Well, much like you or I, concreting jobs come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Challenging and unique exposed aggregate concreting jobs for example will likely cost much more per square metre than a large, uncomplicated concrete slab project.

A few things to consider that may impact the cost of your concreting job on the Gold Coast:

  •  - Is there easy access to your site?
  •  - How many square metres of concrete do you require?
  •  - What materials will you choose?
  •  - How fast do you need a job done/will we require a bigger trades team?
  •  - Is it difficult to get machinery onto the site, for instance, do you have a long and thin driveway?


How thick do concrete slabs need to be safe and sturdy?

Concrete slabs need to be thick enough to handle the structural stress they’re put under. Typically, most concrete slabs need to be a minimum of 4 inches thick. This is particularly necessary in high-traffic areas such as driveways that will have heavy vehicles moving and parking regularly. If your slab is for an outdoor dining area in the garden, for example, its thickness may not be as important. Don’t stress however, our experts will analyse the structural requirements of your slab and adjust the thickness accordingly.


Will my concreting job cost more if it rains during my project’s dates?

Never. All costs that are agreed upon during the quote stage are final and any unforeseeable obstacles such as weather or machinery hiccups will be covered in full by Jason’s Concreting. You will never be out a dollar more than what you agreed to pay before we start laying your concrete—that’s our guarantee.


Will a concrete driveway add value to my home on the Gold Coast?

100%. A large number of our customers hire us to install concrete or exposed aggregate driveways in their homes directly after they’ve purchased it as an investment, or right before they plan on selling as a way to boost the asking price. Picture this—if you were at an auction for a home and it had a brand new, impeccably laid concrete driveway likely to last another 50+ years, would that tick one more box in your mind when considering putting in a bid? It would tick boxes for us that’s for sure!



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What parts of the Gold Coast do you service?

We love all places in this awesome part of Australia. Some of the areas we service most are…

Nerang| Burleigh Heads | Southport

Don’t see your area?

Don’t stress! We’re always happy to head to neighbouring suburbs and areas to complete concreting jobs. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out to you.