Concrete Driveways Gold Coast – More Than Just A Slab Of Concrete

Concrete driveways are simple, stylish and understated and they provide a great chance to make a solid first impression and boost the value of your home.

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Here’s why…

✅ Friendly on the Eyes

Who said beauty has to be glamour and glitz? There’s something stunning about a perfectly laid concrete driveway. This highly functional piece of any building often goes unnoticed, but perhaps that’s its genius.


✅ Friendly on the Budget

Made from affordable, attainable and sustainable materials, concrete driveways will add value to your home without draining every last dollar from your bank account. Pricing for our concrete driveway services is guaranteed to be the most competitive on the Gold Coast.


✅ Friendly to the Environment

Not many might realise it but concrete is among the most sustainable and eco-friendly building materials known to man. Safe for the environment and your family, concrete driveways have a lifespan of over 50 years when maintained properly. They also help keep your home insulated and reduce water usage in larger gardens.


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Why Choose Me to Lay Your Concrete Driveway on the Gold Coast?

Jason Malcolm

Jason Malcolm

Company Director & Head Tradesman

I’ve laid my fair share of concrete driveways and I’ll never get bored of doing so. The satisfaction of getting a concrete driveway absolutely perfect for my client is why I love the job. It’s helped me and my team become some of Goldy’s best concreters.



Our concreting sells itself.

You won’t see us in the back of the paper or popping up around the sides of your local footy ground, we don’t need to. Our concrete driveways are affordable, the highest of quality and are put in at a breakneck pace. Our community of loyal customers organically grows from the inside out, with satisfied referrals and happy customers. See for yourself.

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Questions & Answers

How much do concrete driveways cost in Queensland?

This price can fluctuate—but expect to pay anywhere around $80 per m2 (applies to jobs over 100 m2 in total). Smaller jobs are priced individually based on requirements, difficulty and other factors.

Like you and me, concrete driveways are unique…just with a harder exterior. Price is mostly affected by design, size of the job, and ease of access to the job.

How long does it take to install concrete driveways?

Usually 1 to 3 days of work. This can be extended however depending on how long your concrete driveway will need to cure.

Our trades team will let you know exactly how long you need to wait so there’s never any guesswork from your end.

Are concrete driveways expensive on the Gold Coast?

Concrete driveways are more affordable than exposed aggregate or paved driveways and can cost anywhere between $80-150 per square metre depending on the specifics of the job. Smaller jobs with complications may cost more than larger concrete driveways that need bulk supply, but we always guarantee competitive pricing, no matter your requirements. Like me and you, every concrete driveway is unique, so the best way to gauge the price of your future concrete driveway is to get a free quote! Give us a buzz.

How long do concrete driveways take to install?

Laying a concrete driveway is typically 1-3 days of work. This can be impacted by the size of your concrete driveway, the weather and determining how long the concrete will need to cure - which must not be rushed! Our experts will let you know exactly how long your concrete driveway’s installation will take when we provide a free quote on-site removing any doubts or queries you have on your end.

How thick do concrete driveways need to be to meet Gold Coast standards?

4 inches. Many factors can impact the required thickness, but typically 4 inches is the thinnest a concrete driveway should be. If no cars or trucks will be on the concrete slab and it is used more by pedestrians, then we will take this into account. If you and your partner or other family members will be parking multiple cars on it, however, then 4 inches with rebar will be the minimum requirement. It all depends on the structural needs of the slab. Don’t stress, we’ll clear all this up during the quote phase.

Will a concrete driveway add value to my home?

You bet. Many of our Gold Coast customers hire us to lay concrete driveways either when they first buy their home as an investment, or when they’re about to sell their home to boost its value on the market. Just imagine if you were buying a house and you arrive to see it has a brand new concrete driveway likely to last 50+ years, that’d be another winning factor in your mind when putting a bid in.

How long do concrete driveways last?

When looked after properly, over 50 years easily. Concrete driveways may even last up to 80 years in some cases. Looking at old houses around the Gold Coast, many of them have their original driveways that are still fully functional!

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