So, Why Should You Choose Jason’s Concreting?

We strive to be the best concreting team on the Gold Coast. Here’s how we plan on doing it.


We’re Specialists Not Generalists

Sometimes it’s good to be a jack-of-all-trades and at other times, it pays to be the best in the business. We strive to be the most professional, timely and skilled concreters on the Gold Coast and our work reflects that. For anything concrete, it’s got to be Jason’s Concreting.

We’re Fully Licensed & Insured

We take our work very seriously and the safety of our team and the community, as well as the professionalism we owe our paying customers, is a top priority. Every single tradie at Jason’s Concreting is licensed, qualified and trained to operate machinery and complete any concreting job to the highest standard.

We’re Gold Coast Locals

With many of us born and bred on the Goldy and some who now call it their home too, our team loves this community through and through. We provide excellent concreting solutions for fellow Queenslanders and love nothing more than growing our community of happy clients.

We’re Unbeatable in Price & Quality

Concrete driveways, slabs or exposed aggregate should be available to all in the community. We’ve grown Jason’s Concreting by offering unrivalled concreting tradesmanship at competitive prices. We put in the hard yards to make this possible and our community rewards us for it by referring our business to other Gold Coast customers. 

We’re Lovers of all Things Concrete

Did you know concrete has been used since Ancient civilisations in China and Egypt? Although its hard, grey exterior often means it’s overlooked by many, we love everything about it. It’s incredibly sustainable, being one of the most eco-friendly building materials out there and it can easily last over 50 years when maintained properly. To top it all off, it’s versatile, looks great and doesn’t break the bank!


If you have any questions at all we are just one call away.

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