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We’ve got Nerang on lock and it’s one of our favourite places on the Gold Coast to service. We provide unbeatable tradesmanship at unbeatable prices and many in Nerang have already hired us to lay their concrete driveways. Will you join them?

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How much do we charge?

Roughly about $80 per m2. We are not the cheapest, but not the dearest either. We struggle to complete jobs on time and to the highest standard, and that’s why we believe we receive so many “word of mouth” referrals. We explain our prices in detail so our customers can be assured they are paying the right amount of money for the service they receive.
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We’ve been operating in Nerang for 12 years. Here’s what we do best…

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs

From slabs for your garden shed to slabs for your outdoor entertaining and water tanks, the versatility and use cases for concrete is endless. Used for centuries around the world, concrete slabs remain one of the most affordable, sustainable and efficient building materials available to us and we love using it every day. Need a slab laid in Nerang? Give us a call.

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Exposed Aggregate Concreting

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

On top of being sustainable, durable and budget-friendly, exposed aggregate concrete has dozens upon dozens of stylish finishes to choose from—it’s no wonder exposed aggregate concrete is exploding in popularity around Nerang. With so many styles to choose from, you may be paralysed for choice—don’t stress, we’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring you get the perfect exposed aggregate to match your and your home’s tastes and needs.

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Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways have been and will continue to be the ultimate all-round concreting solution. Incredibly durable, easy on the eye, easy on the bank account and eco-friendly, what’s not to love about a classic Aussie concrete driveway? And with so many designs and styles to choose from, we’re sure we’ll find the perfect concrete driveway for your Nerang property.

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Remember, if you have something else in mind other than these services above, just let us know! We love a challenge and have yet to meet a concreting job that we couldn’t nail—no matter how bizarre or unique!

Got some questions that need answering?

Have a peek at what other Nerang customers have asked us in the past! If you don’t see your question here, don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0482 072 623 – I’m always happy to talk!


How much will my concrete job in Nerang cost?

Per square metre, concrete can cost anywhere between $80-$150 depending on the size, specifications and materials you choose. For example, an exposed aggregate driveway will cost more than a concrete driveway because of the extra labour and plant needed, and smaller jobs may be more expensive per metre than larger jobs that can get discounts on materials.

A few things to consider that may impact the cost of your concreting job in Nerang:

  •  – Is there easy access to your site?
  •  – How many square metres of concrete do you require?
  •  – What materials will you choose?
  •  – How fast do you need a job done/will we require a bigger trades team?
  •  – Is it difficult to get machinery onto the site, for instance, do you have a long and thin driveway?

How many days does the average concreting job in Nerang take?

Between 1 and 3 days. This is always subject to change and is just a rule of thumb. Remember factors such as weather and the complexity of a job can impact the time it takes to complete. Sometimes concreting jobs with longer necessary curing times can take up to 5 days, but this isn’t often the case.

How thick should a concrete slab be in Nerang?

To meet structural requirements and building standards in Nerang and Australia-wide, a concrete slab should be at a minimum of 4 inches thick. This is particularly necessary if your Nerang property’s concrete driveway will be frequently used by heavy 4WDs or cars and not just for pedestrians. Our experts will determine the necessary thickness of your Nerang property’s concrete driveway during the free onsite visit and quote!

Will a concrete driveway add value to my home in Nerang?

100%. A large number of our customers hire us to install concrete or exposed aggregate driveways in their homes directly after they’ve purchased it as an investment, or right before they plan on selling as a way to boost the asking price. Picture this—if you were at an auction for a home and it had a brand new, impeccably laid concrete driveway likely to last another 50+ years, would that tick one more box in your mind when considering putting in a bid? It would tick boxes for us that’s for sure!


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