Concrete Slab Installation Gold Coast

From water tanks to garden sheds, outdoor entertaining to driveways and footpaths, the versatility of a beautifully laid concrete slab is unparalleled.

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 Here’s Why Hundreds of Gold Coast Locals Choose Us

✅ Our Concrete Slabs Last

When people think of the words ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’, concrete is most definitely not the first thing to pop into their heads. But did you know, despite its rough and tough exterior, concrete is incredibly sustainable and when laid correctly, can last up to 80 years? It’ll also help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter!


✅ Our Concrete Slabs are Fast

When you need a concrete slab put in for any reason, we’re your team to do it. From your first phone call with Jason to the moment your slabs are laid, you’ll be amazed by our turnaround time and professionalism. When you call Jason’s Concreting, you can be sure you’re getting the best and fastest service on the Gold Coast.


✅ Our Concrete Slabs are Trusted

As a sustainable and awesome building material, we believe that concrete should be available to every Aussie. That’s why our per m2 cost price is always among the most competitive in the industry, and our happy customers are a testament to this fact.


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Why Choose Me for Your Concreting Gold Coast Projects?

Jason Malcolm

Jason Malcolm

Company Director & Head Tradesman

As a Goldy local, I’ve been around the block a few times. My team has over 36 years of combined experience and the long list of flawless concreting jobs we’ve got under our belt certainly speaks volumes.


We do it the old-fashioned way—through hard yakka.

We don’t rely on big marketing budgets or try to go viral on social media, we simply work hard and do our best to complete each job to absolute perfection. It seems to be working because a huge number of our clients are referrals from happy customers. Give me a call and I’ll show you why my team’s the best on the Gold Coast.

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Questions & Answers

Rule #1 for Concrete Slabs—They’re All Different

Like beautiful, grey snowflakes, concrete slabs are all different.

Different dimensions, different styles, different reasons for being. Before getting too philosophical, here are just a few times you’ll require a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs for your patio

Building that dream patio out the back? A durable concrete slab is where it all begins.

Their versatility in appearance and design on top of their ease of installation make concrete slabs the first requirement of any long-lasting patio.

How much is a slab of concrete on the Gold Coast?

Every project is different, but the general cost of laying a concrete slab on the Gold Coast is between $80-150 per m2. Your per metre cost may fluctuate depending on the circumstances, for example, if you’re after a bigger concreting job, your per metre cost is likely to be discounted, but if there are unique challenges associated with the laying of your concrete slab, the quoted price will also reflect this. Don’t stress, however, when you get your free quote and onsite visit any questions will be answered thoroughly and pricing will be explained.

According to Gold Coast standards, how thick should a concrete slab be?

The absolute minimum thickness of a concrete slab on the Gold Coast (or anywhere) is 4 inches (100mm). This is subject to change and will be highly dependent on the structural requirements of your concrete slab. A foundation slab under the garden shed or in the front yard where you park your car will need to be 4 inches with rebar, but a quaint footpath for you and any other person - big or small - heading up the garden won’t need to be as structurally sound. When we provide a quote, our experts will determine the structural requirements of your concrete slab, and let you know how thick it needs to be.

Can I pour my own concrete slab?

Of course. We love a can-do attitude and respect any Aussie willing to get their hands dirty when working around their home. If it is a very minor concrete slab that needs pouring, and is not for anything structurally important like a shed, driveway, or water tank, then having a go is never a bad idea. However, we’ve been doing this for a while now, and the quality of tradesmanship you will get from us - and with incredibly fast turnaround times - is worth every dollar. We strongly recommend if the concrete slab is structural or difficult by nature, will be seen and used by many or is exposed aggregate, that you get us in for the job!

Do you need to rebar a 4-inch concrete slab?

Yes, a 4-inch concrete slab does need rebar. The general rule of thumb is that the thickness of your rebar should never be more than 12% (or ⅛) of your concrete slab. This means that for a 4-inch slab of concrete, your rebar steel shouldn’t be more than a half-inch thick.

Are concrete slabs good for water tanks and garden sheds?

There’s nothing better than a concrete slab for the foundation of your water tank or trusty garden shed. If you need a place for all your gardening tools or just a little hideaway where you can relax with a coffee away from the kids (they’re lovely really!), then laying a concrete slab for your future shed, water tanks or outdoor dining area is a great idea.

Got a different Concreting Job in mind?

If you’re needing us to lay something other than concrete slabs, we’ll happily oblige!

Here are the other concreting services we provide…

- Anything Exposed Aggregate!

- Laying Concrete Driveways

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