Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Eco-friendly. Long-lasting. Easy on the eye and extremely customisable. Is there anything this beautiful concrete solution can’t do?

Exposed Aggregare Concreting

Here’s why the Gold Coast Loves Our Concreting…

âś… Fully Licensed & Lovely Locals

Exposed aggregate driveways are loved by many on the Gold Coast and around Australia because of their uniqueness, durability, and ability to add value to your home. Make sure you have the best of the best installing your driveway to a high standard and at a breakneck speed.


âś… Competitive Pricing & Great Results

Beautiful exposed aggregate driveways should be accessible to all and our pricing definitely reflects that. You won’t find better tradesmanship at a more competitive price anywhere else on the Gold Coast for your concreting needs.


âś… Eco-Friendly & Long Lasting

Concrete might not scream sustainable to many, but in reality, it’s one of the most green building materials available to us. Made from eco-friendly sourced materials as mother nature intended, your exposed aggregate driveway could last upwards of 50 years.


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Jason Malcolm

Jason Malcolm

Company Director & Head Tradesman

I’ve been working as a concreter with my team on the Gold Coast for the past 36 years and I’ve loved every moment of it. Building my business has come naturally, as I only ever aim to do one thing—provide unrivalled concreting services to my community. Because of this…


We don’t market. Our work speaks for itself.

Almost all of our customers come from referrals from satisfied neighbours or happy family members. We’re part of the community in the Gold Coast, and we take great pride in laying the best concrete slabs, driveways and exposed aggregate we possibly can.

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Questions & Answers

How much do exposed aggregate driveways cost?

Between $100-150 per m2. As exposed aggregate driveways are more labour intensive and require more technical knowledge and tradesmanship, prices are considerably higher than normal concrete.

Be wary of trades teams quoting way below this price point, as the quality of work might not be what you expect. When dealing with a piece of your home destined to last upwards of 50 years, it’s best not to cut corners.

How long does it take to install an exposed aggregate driveway?

Exposed aggregate driveways do dry faster than concrete, usually in a few hours, but still require up to 2 days to cure.

They may also be susceptible to damage for a longer period after installation in comparison to standard concrete driveways, sometimes up to 4 weeks.

It is important to look after your exposed aggregate driveway during this time, as damages in this period could reduce its longevity.

How much does an exposed aggregate driveway cost on the Gold Coast?

Generally speaking, exposed aggregate is more expensive than your typical concrete driveway and can range in price anywhere from $100-150 per square metre. This is because there are more material and labour expenses associated with exposed aggregate. If you’re getting a large area done with exposed aggregate concrete, such as a driveway or a pool deck, then prices may be reduced accordingly.

Do exposed aggregate driveways take longer to install than normal concrete driveways?

Exposed aggregate driveways typically dry faster than normal concrete driveways—within a few hours—but still need over 24 hours to cure and need to be well looked after in the first four weeks to avoid any long-lasting damage. Because of its unique properties, exposed aggregate driveways will harden right after pouring, and this is one of the reasons why it’s always best to have a professional team when working with exposed aggregate.

Are exposed aggregate driveways durable?

Absolutely rock solid! That’s why we love all types of concrete, exposed aggregate or not. Exposed aggregate driveways are just as durable as normal concrete driveways and they both certainly fare better than natural stone. The exposed aggregate also provides excellent grip and durability through all types of Australian weather, and should last several decades of continuous use. Some driveways when looked after can last upwards of 80 years!

How often should I seal my exposed aggregate driveway?

This is subject to change depending on the traffic and weather your exposed aggregate driveway is subject to, but our experts always recommend using an acrylic sealer every 12-36 months as a rule of thumb.

Do exposed aggregate driveways get slippery when wet?

The grip that the textured surface of exposed aggregate driveways provides is one of their biggest drawcards. It is why the material is loved by so many Aussies and Gold Coast locals to have around their pool or outdoor decking area! It’s great in areas that can become slippery and wet, such as a driveway and is highly recommended by our team!

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